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How Do I Take CBD?

Welcome back to NHS CBD! In this article, we answer a popular question we are often asked, ?How is CBD made??. If you enjoyed this post then why not check out the wide range of?CBD products?that we have available in the online shop.

There are several ways to take CBD, it just depends which method best suits you.

Hold oil or paste under tongue (sublingual)

This is probably the most popular method for taking CBD, simply apply recommended amount of drops under the tongue and hold for about 30 seconds so that the mucus membranes in the mouth can absorb CBD and the other active compounds found in CBD oil. This sublingual application offers faster delivery, because the CBD and hemp oil?s other natural constituents get to bypass the digestive system and metabolization by the liver.


Only use oils intended to be used in E-Cigarettes!

Over the past 12-18 months, vaping CBD has grown in popularity among health-conscious consumers. Vaping offers a lung-friendly method for inhaling CBD , allowing CBD and other trace cannabinoids to be absorbed through the lung?s large absorptive surface area before they?re diffused into the bloodstream.

Taking capsules?

If you value convenience, you may prefer getting your daily intake of CBD with easy-to-swallow Artisan CBD oil capsules, which can be quickly taken with a sip of water.

Mix CBD With Your Favourite Food or Drink

Looking for a seamless method for adding CBD into your daily life? Try blending Artisan Full Spectrum CBD oil or paste into your favourite foods or drinks. Adding CBD to your already-prepared healthy foods is not just easy, but it may also improve how well the CBD is absorbed. Fatty acids found in foods can serve as carriers for cannabinoids like CBD, allowing them to move through the body for faster processing.

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